"Straight from the 6th Ward" by Various Artists (Tipitina's Records, 2003)

"Straight from the 6th Ward" by Various Artists (Tipitina's Records, 2003)

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Old school meets new school on eight slamming original tracks on this compilation of New Orleans' finest brass bands, including Lil Rascals, Rebirth, New Birth, Treme, and the 6th Ward All-Stars. The 6th Ward All-Stars are a powerhouse group of brass band luminaries assembled especially for the compilation featuring members of the Lil Rascals and Rebirth plus guest performances by vocalist Kermit Ruffins and Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews. Straight from the 6th Ward also includes a bonus remix track by Eric Krasno of Soulive featuring MC Bedouin. With internationally known mainstays like the Rebirth, and up-and-coming talent like the Lil Rascals, this compilation carries the brass tradition into the 21st Century.

Track List
1) H.I.T, Lil Rascals Brass Band (5:45)
2) Feel Like Funkin' It Up (Part II), Rebirth Brass Band (6:51)

3) Get It How You Live, 6th Ward Allstars (7:23)
4) Wolverine Blues, Treme Brass Band (6;15)

5) Project Love, Newbirth Brass Band (5:30)
6) Get Your Mind Right, Lil Rascals Brass Band (6:31)

7) We Make it Funky, Rebirth Brass Band (7:41)
8) Big Leg Woman, Treme Brass Band (5:38)

9) Show Me How Ya Do That DanceNewbirth Brass Band (7:03)
10) Didn't He Ramble6th Ward Allstars (7:21)

Bonus Track: H.I.T. Remix by E Kraz feat. DJ Bedouin