"Alive & Kickin'" by Fats Domino

"Alive & Kickin'" by Fats Domino


Released in 2006, Alive and Kickin' is Fats Domino's only new release since 1993's "Christmas Gumbo." Of course Fats' vocals and piano are featured on every track, and his guests include a who's who of New Orleans' musical royalty: Herbert Hardesty (tenor sax), Fred Kemp, (tenor sax), Roger Lewis (baritone sax), Jerry Embree (alto & soprano sax), Joe Smith (tenor sax), Marshall Cyr (trumpet), Carl Leblanc (guitar), Sonny Landreth (slide guitar), Erving Charles (bass), David Hyde (bass), Raymond Weber (drums), Brian Brignac (drums), Roger Pauly (keyboards). "Fats was looking for a meaningful way to give back to his hometown after Hurricane Katrina," said Tipitina's Foundation co-founder Roland von Kurnatowski. "He made it very clear that he was making this donation to us because he felt it was important to support the Foundation in its efforts to rebuild the New Orleans music community." 

You can read Fats' February, 2006 New York Times interview about the release of Alive and Kickin' here.

Track List
1) Alive & Kickin' (2:51)

2) Love You Till The Day I Die (4:45)
3) I'll Be All Right (3:32)

4) I Spent All My Money Loving You (4:22)
5) Give Me Some (3:26)

6) One Step At A Time (4:25)
7) Home USA (3:18)

8) Every Night About This Time (3:38)
9) Four Leaf Clover (3:18)

10) It Makes No Difference Now (3:45)
11) This Is My Story (3:16)

12) You Made A Vow (4:40)
13) Ain't That A Shame (3:57)