Adult Music Co-ops support adult musicians in Louisiana

From the Tipitina's Foundation newsletter:

Tipitina's Music Office Co-ops offer musicians and those interested in digital media a place where they can work on their craft. Recently, we asked Co-op members to share with us their experiences utilizing the Co-ops throughout Louisiana. 

"I came to the Co-Op a few months ago searching for help deciding the best plan of action for my band's debut record. After some additional fine-tuning and planning I began an 8-week radio campaign peaking at #207 on the Weighted College Radio Charts. My band has now signed a number of licensing deals, and booked an upcoming Austin City Limits afterparty show. I can be found most days at the Co-op collaborating with other members." – Fred (Monroe)

“When I was in high school I volunteered at the co-op and performed my first live show. This co-op is so dear to my heart, because not only is it a necessity to my current and previous musical endeavors, but also because it is a staple in the downtown Alexandria” – Amelia (Alexandria)

"It was some years ago when I received a call from Frenchman Street blues singer Ready Teddy to meet him at the Co-op. I had never heard of 'the Co-op' but was amazed that such a wonderful facility was available to support recording artists in New Orleans. Since that day, I have been a continuous member of the facility, which I use for coaching voice-over students, recording voice-over work, and for students' demos.The Tipitina's Music Co-op has become my "New Orleans studio" and I have since encouraged many voice-over actors to use the facility." – Stephen (New Orleans)

I’ve been a member of Tipitina’s for almost three years. The co-op has been absolutely essential to my music career, because without it, my music wouldn’t exist. In a small city like Alexandria, there are very few places with high-quality equipment to write and record music, and for those who don't have or can’t afford a home studio setup, Tipitina’s provides an affordable, professional place to be creative. – Kevin (Alexandria)

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